About Upper South Platte Water Conservancy District

The Upper South Platte Water Conservancy District (USPWCD) was formed 17 October 1955 under the Colorado Water Conservancy Act of 1937 and Colorado Revised Statues 1953, Chapter 149, Article 6. The District utilizes a cash accrual accounting method in budgeting processes.

The District was established to and continues to work to:

1 Retain the water rights within the District for the use of the citizens.
2 To the degree possible maintain local control over the allocation of the water rights within the district.  We will vigorously defend the remaining water supplies within the boundaries of the District.
3 Promote intergovernmental agreements to defend against underground or other surface water storage reservoirs, or any conjunctive use concept with the support of other applicable entities, agencies and groups.
4 Establish a management program that will insure equitable distribution of water resources within the district.
5 Procure surface water rights and storage rights at a reasonable cost when available.
6 Cooperate with our sister agencies to bring to fruition a district wide plan of augmentation to provide necessary water supplies for the citizens within the District.

The District has no paid employees, rather contracts with outside contractors for such services as secretarial and business management tasks. Meetings and business are conducted in and from the “Big Timbers Office Building” in Fairplay, CO 80440.